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This chart shows a comparison of Makatary's Software Features compared to the best alternatives we could find during the course of our market analysis. We chose not to mention the names of individual companies as there are hundreds that are very similar to each other.

We encourage anyone to do their own research to add reassurance as to the superiority of the Makatary System.

*This Comparison Chart Represents The Basic Features Of Our Entry Level Software Program. Every Copy Of Makatarys' Internet Marketing Software Is Designed To Expand Beyond Our Entry Level Product. The Size And Scope Of Your Internet Business Has No Imposed Limits, However, Structural Limits To Server Space And Bandwidth Usage (Basic Laws Of Physics) Apply.

All Makatary Sites And Dedicated Server Networks Are Wired Into The Tier One Backbone. Tier-1 Internet backbone has multiple direct connections to other Internet backbones that are geographically dispersed. These connections allow Tier-1 Internet backbones to transfer data much faster with more reliability than other methods.

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